Private Reminder - Solution for Shared Calendar Alerts...

Private Reminder is a calendar utility that allows you to easily create native iOS Reminders for native iOS Calendar Events without sharing alerts.

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Shared Calendars
Private Alerts - No Problem!

Are you sharing calendars between family members, friends, or business associates? Do you find it annoying that everyone receives the alert for an event? Private Reminder provides a solution to this problem. Now you can easily create a reminder for an event that only you will receive. No more forgotten appointments – no more annoying alerts for other people's events.

One Simple Step

Private Reminder opens with a list of your upcoming Calendar Events. To quickly create a reminder based on your defaults, simply long-press on the event and you're done. You will get instant feedback through a short vibration and a small icon next to the event description. You can also create a reminder by tapping on the event and selecting the options for that specific reminder.

Easy to Configure

You can set the default alert time, hide all-day events and existing Reminders, and more!


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